Eric Ten Hag Reflects on Premier League Draw and Defensive Excellence

Eric Ten Hag Reflects on Premier League Draw and Defensive Excellence

Manchester United’s coach, Eric Ten Hag, recently shared his thoughts in a press statement following the team’s draw against Liverpool with a score of 0-0 in the 17th round of the Premier League.

The Battle for the Badge

In a candid reflection, Ten Hag emphasized the perpetual need to fight for the badge. He acknowledged the team’s ability to play at remarkably high levels while recognizing the occasional dip in performance. According to him, achieving something significant in a single season requires consistency.

Performance and Clean Sheets

Ten Hag commended the team’s good performance, noting Liverpool’s results on their home ground and the achievement of a clean sheet. The coach highlighted the second half’s excellent opportunities and expressed satisfaction with the overall team performance.

Believing in Opportunities

The coach stressed the importance of believing in opportunities, emphasizing that the team should never cease its efforts. Ten Hag underscored the necessity for discipline and asserted that maintaining it could lead to victory in every match.

Defensive Excellence

Discussing the defensive strategy, Ten Hag praised the near-perfect execution. He pointed out that whenever a mistake occurred, a teammate was always there to resolve the issue. The coach viewed the day’s victory as significant and urged the team to maintain and replicate it in every match.

Unity at Manchester United

Ten Hag concluded by emphasizing the constant need for the team to fight for each other. In Manchester United, the spirit of unity prevails, and they stand against the rest.

Díogo Dalot’s Red Cards

Regarding Díogo Dalot’s two yellow cards and subsequent expulsion in the match, Ten Hag left the judgment to the audience.


In summary, Eric Ten Hag’s post-match insights provide a glimpse into Manchester United’s commitment to excellence and unity. The coach’s emphasis on consistency, belief in opportunities, and defensive prowess sets the stage for a compelling season.

Q1: How did Eric Ten Hag characterize Manchester United’s performance against Liverpool?

A1: Ten Hag praised the team’s good performance, highlighting the achievement of a clean sheet and excellent opportunities in the second half.

Q2: What did Ten Hag stress about the team’s approach to opportunities?

A2: The coach emphasized the importance of believing in opportunities and the need for the team to maintain discipline for potential victories.

Q3: How did Ten Hag describe Manchester United’s defensive strategy?

A3: Ten Hag commended the defensive strategy as nearly perfect, with teammates always ready to resolve any mistakes.

Q4: What is the prevailing spirit at Manchester United, according to Ten Hag?

A4: The coach emphasized the constant need for the team to fight for each other, highlighting the spirit of unity against the rest.

Q5: How did Eric Ten Hag respond to Díogo Dalot’s red cards in the match?

A5: Ten Hag left the judgment on Díogo Dalot’s red cards to the audience.