Ancelotti: Alaba’s season is over, and Girona is our title rival

Ancelotti: Alaba’s season is over, and Girona is our title rival

In a surprising turn of events, Real Madrid’s head coach, Carlo Ancelotti, announced the premature end of David Alaba’s season due to an unfortunate injury sustained in the match against Villarreal.

A Sorrowful Revelation

Ancelotti, while expressing his disappointment, stated that he hadn’t personally spoken to Alaba but received official confirmation from the club that the player is suffering from a cruciate ligament injury. “It’s truly regrettable, profoundly saddening,” Ancelotti remarked.

Unprecedented Challenge

The coach went on to share his astonishment at facing three cruciate ligament injuries within four months. “It’s unprecedented for me to witness my team grappling with such injuries. We’ve endured and performed beyond expectations,” Ancelotti revealed.

Gearing Up for Competition

Discussing their recent victory against Villarreal, Ancelotti acknowledged Girona as a formidable current rival. However, he emphasized the lengthy nature of the season, predicting a competitive La Liga battle between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona until the very end.

Remarkable Performance Under Pressure

Ancelotti highlighted the remarkable pressure applied by his team during the match, praising the outstanding performance. “When you apply intense pressure, you maintain a high playing tempo – it suits us well, even without possession and with density,” he explained.

Birmingham’s Heroics

Singling out Birmingham as the match’s hero, Ancelotti commended his exceptional performance and constant fighting spirit. He revealed substituting him to protect the player, who was struggling with shoulder issues, when the opportunity arose.

Defensive Line’s Resilience

Providing updates on the team’s defensive line, Ancelotti expressed optimism about Militao’s recovery, anticipating his return before the season concludes. Carvajal is set to resume training on Tuesday, while Mendy was substituted due to excessive workload.

Emergency Measures: Chuwameni as a Defensive Option

Ancelotti disclosed the inclusion of Chuwameni as a viable option to play as a center-back in emergencies. He praised the player’s outstanding performance in the match against Osasuna, deeming it a contingency situation where Chuwameni can excel in that position.


In conclusion, Real Madrid faces a challenging period with Alaba’s season-ending injury, but Ancelotti remains optimistic about the team’s resilience and the upcoming competitive league season.


1. How long is David Alaba expected to be sidelined?

David Alaba’s season has come to an end due to a cruciate ligament injury, and the exact duration of his recovery remains uncertain.

2. Are there any other key players facing injuries in the Real Madrid squad?

Apart from Alaba, Militao and Mendy are dealing with their respective recovery processes, with Carvajal set to return to training soon.

3. How does Ancelotti view the team’s performance against Villarreal?

Ancelotti was impressed with the team’s high-pressure game against Villarreal, considering it the best performance of the season.

4. Who is highlighted as the hero of the match against Villarreal?

Birmingham was singled out as the hero of the match, with Ancelotti praising his exceptional performance and relentless fighting spirit.

5. Why was Chuwameni considered as a defensive option?

Chuwameni’s inclusion as a center-back is viewed as an emergency measure, with Ancelotti citing his outstanding performance against Osasuna in that role.