VfL Wolfsburg
SC Freiburg

VfL Wolfsburg and SC Freiburg on 2023-12-09 in Bundesliga (Germany)

VfL Wolfsburg and SC Freiburg on 2023-12-09 in Bundesliga (Germany) On Yalla Shoot Live English

Yalla Shoot VfL Wolfsburg and SC Freiburg

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey as we delve into the riveting encounter between VfL Wolfsburg and SC Freiburg, set to unfurl before your eyes. This fiery clash is slated to transpire as a pivotal chapter in the illustrious annals of the Bundesliga (Germany). The stage is set for a showdown of epic proportions, as Luton Town earnestly strives for victory at the expense of SC Freiburg. The magnitude of this encounter is not lost on us; VfL Wolfsburg, with fervent hope, aspires to etch an indelible mark in its narrative, amassing a treasured trove of three invaluable points. Meanwhile, SC Freiburg, ever the formidable contender, stands resolute in its determination to garner a positive outcome.

Today, on 2023-12-09 , VfL Wolfsburg resumes its spirited campaign within the hallowed precincts of the Bundesliga (Germany), locking horns with the formidable SC Freiburg. Brace yourselves for an enthralling spectacle of sporting prowess and strategic prowess

VfL Wolfsburg and SC Freiburg  Yalla shoot live

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What time is the VfL Wolfsburg VS SC Freiburg match?

The VfL Wolfsburg and SC Freiburg match in the Bundesliga (Germany) will kick off at precisely 16:30 United Kingdom time.

What are the channels that score the VfL Wolfsburg SC Freiburg match?

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1Koen Casteels
4Maxence Lacroix
25Moritz Jenz
5Cedric Zesiger
20Ridle Baku
32Mattias Svanberg
27Maximilian Arnold
21Joakim Mu00e6hle
19Lovro Majer
31Yannick Gerhardt
23Jonas Wind
38Michael Gregoritsch
34Merlin Ru00f6hl
32Vincenzo Grifo
27Nicolas Hu00f6fler
8Maximilian Eggestein
42Ritsu Doan
33Jordy Makengo
3Philipp Lienhart
28Matthias Ginter
25Kiliann Sildillia
1Noah Atubolu
تشكيلة الفريق
  • 1
    Koen CasteelsG
  • 4
    Maxence LacroixD
  • 25
    Moritz JenzD
  • 5
    Cedric ZesigerD
  • 20
    Ridle BakuM
  • 32
    Mattias SvanbergM
  • 27
    Maximilian ArnoldM
  • 21
    Joakim Mu00e6hleM
  • 19
    Lovro MajerF
  • 31
    Yannick GerhardtF
  • 23
    Jonas WindF
قائمة البدلاء
  • 12
    Pavao PervanG
  • 8
    Nicolas CozzaD
  • 3
    Sebastiaan BornauwD
  • 2
    Kilian FischerD
  • 16
    Jakub Kamiu0144skiM
  • 6
    Aster VranckxM
  • 40
    Kevin ParedesM
  • 18
    Dzu030cenan Peju010dinoviu0107F
  • 7
    Vu00e1clav u010cernu00fdM
تشكيلة الفريق
  • 1
    Noah AtuboluG
  • 25
    Kiliann SildilliaD
  • 28
    Matthias GinterD
  • 3
    Philipp LienhartD
  • 33
    Jordy MakengoD
  • 42
    Ritsu DoanM
  • 8
    Maximilian EggesteinM
  • 27
    Nicolas Hu00f6flerM
  • 32
    Vincenzo GrifoM
  • 34
    Merlin Ru00f6hlF
  • 38
    Michael GregoritschF
قائمة البدلاء
  • 22
    Roland SallaiM
  • 9
    Lucas Hu00f6lerF
  • 21
    Florian Mu00fcllerG
  • 5
    Manuel GuldeD
  • 17
    Lukas Ku00fcblerD
  • 20
    Chukwubuike AdamuF
  • 54
    Mika BaurF

Matche Card VfL Wolfsburg Vs SC Freiburg

CompetitionBundesliga (Germany)
Matche Date09-12-2023
Match Time16:30 Time
Channel NameUnknown