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Valencia and Granada CF on 2023-11-05 in La Liga (Spain)

Valencia and Granada CF on 2023-11-05 in La Liga (Spain) On Yalla Shoot Live English

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Prepare to embark on a captivating journey as we delve into the riveting encounter between Valencia and Granada CF, set to unfurl before your eyes. This fiery clash is slated to transpire as a pivotal chapter in the illustrious annals of the La Liga (Spain). The stage is set for a showdown of epic proportions, as Luton Town earnestly strives for victory at the expense of Granada CF. The magnitude of this encounter is not lost on us; Valencia, with fervent hope, aspires to etch an indelible mark in its narrative, amassing a treasured trove of three invaluable points. Meanwhile, Granada CF, ever the formidable contender, stands resolute in its determination to garner a positive outcome.

Today, on 2023-11-05 , Valencia resumes its spirited campaign within the hallowed precincts of the La Liga (Spain), locking horns with the formidable Granada CF. Brace yourselves for an enthralling spectacle of sporting prowess and strategic prowess

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What time is the Valencia VS Granada CF match?

The Valencia and Granada CF match in the La Liga (Spain) will kick off at precisely 17:15 United Kingdom time.

What are the channels that score the Valencia Granada CF match?

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25Giorgi Mamardashvili
12Thierry Correia
3Cristhian Mosquera
5Gabriel Paulista
14Josu00e9 Luis Gayu00e0
23Fran Pu00e9rez
8Javier Guerra
19Selim Amallah
16Diego Lopez
9Hugo Duro
11Myrto Uzuni
7Lucas Boyu00e9
21u00d3scar Melendo
26Bryan Zaragoza
23Gerard Gumbau
24Gonzalo Villar
15Carlos Neva
28Rau00fal Torrente
14Ignasi Miquel
12Ricard Su00e1nchez
13Andru00e9 Ferreira
تشكيلة الفريق
  • 25
    Giorgi MamardashviliG
  • 12
    Thierry CorreiaD
  • 3
    Cristhian MosqueraD
  • 5
    Gabriel PaulistaD
  • 14
    Josu00e9 Luis Gayu00e0D
  • 23
    Fran Pu00e9rezM
  • 18
  • 8
    Javier GuerraM
  • 19
    Selim AmallahM
  • 16
    Diego LopezF
  • 9
    Hugo DuroF
قائمة البدلاء
  • 7
    Sergi Canu00f3sM
  • 20
    Dimitri FoulquierD
  • 6
    Hugo Guillamu00f3nD
  • 17
    Roman YaremchukF
  • 34
    Yarek GasiorowskiD
  • 1
    Jaume Domu00e9nechG
  • 13
    Cristian RiveroG
  • 29
    Cu00e9sar Tu00e1rregaD
  • 27
    Pablo Gozu00e1lbezM
  • 30
    Hugo Gonzu00e1lezM
تشكيلة الفريق
  • 13
    Andru00e9 FerreiraG
  • 12
    Ricard Su00e1nchezD
  • 14
    Ignasi MiquelD
  • 28
    Rau00fal TorrenteD
  • 15
    Carlos NevaD
  • 24
    Gonzalo VillarM
  • 23
    Gerard GumbauM
  • 26
    Bryan ZaragozaM
  • 21
    u00d3scar MelendoF
  • 7
    Lucas Boyu00e9F
  • 11
    Myrto UzuniF
قائمة البدلاء
  • 20
    Sergio Ruiz AlonsoM
  • 10
    Antonio PuertasM
  • 33
    u00c1lvaro Fernu00e1ndezD
  • 3
    Wilson Manafu00e1D
  • 9
    Josu00e9 Calleju00f3nF
  • 31
    Adri Lu00f3pezG
  • 16
    Vu00edctor Du00edazD
  • 32
    Adria Miquel Bosch SanchisD
  • 18
    Njegou0161 Petroviu0107M
  • 19
    Famara Diu00e9dhiouF
  • 17
    Shon WeissmanF
  • 22
    Alberto PereaF

Matche Card Valencia Vs Granada CF

CompetitionLa Liga (Spain)
Matche Date05-11-2023
Match Time17:15 Time
Channel NameUnknown