Details of the Monza and Sassuolo match on 2024-01-28 in Italy, Serie A

16Michele Di Gregorio
5Luca Caldirola
22Pablo Marí
33Danilo D'Ambrosio
84Patrick Ciurria
32Matteo Pessina
8Jean Akpa
19Samuele Birindelli
21Valentín Carboni
28Andrea Colpani
47Dany Mota
20Samu Castillejo
9Andrea Pinamonti
45Armand Lauriente
42Kristian Thorstvedt
7Matheus Henrique
24Daniel Boloca
3Marcus Pedersen
44Ruan Tressoldi
13Gian Marco Ferrari
43Josh Doig
47Andrea Consigli
تشكيلة الفريق
  • 16
    Michele Di GregorioGoalkeeper
  • 5
    Luca CaldirolaDefender
  • 22
    Pablo MaríDefender
  • 33
    Danilo D'AmbrosioDefender
  • 84
    Patrick CiurriaAttacker
  • 32
    Matteo PessinaMidfielder
  • 8
    Jean AkpaMidfielder
  • 19
    Samuele BirindelliDefender
  • 21
    Valentín CarboniMidfielder
  • 28
    Andrea ColpaniMidfielder
  • 47
    Dany MotaAttacker
قائمة البدلاء
  • 18
    Davide BettellaDefender
  • 38
    Warren BondoMidfielder
  • 4
    Armando IzzoDefender
  • 20
    Alessio ZerbinAttacker
  • 11
    Milan DjuricAttacker
  • 13
    Pedro PereiraDefender
  • 44
    Andrea CarboniDefender
  • 9
    Lorenzo ColomboAttacker
  • 2
    Giulio DonatiDefender
  • 66
    Stefano GoriGoalkeeper
  • 77
    Georgios KyriakopoulosDefender
  • 1
    Eugenio LamannaGoalkeeper
تشكيلة الفريق
  • 47
    Andrea ConsigliGoalkeeper
  • 43
    Josh DoigDefender
  • 13
    Gian Marco FerrariDefender
  • 44
    Ruan TressoldiDefender
  • 3
    Marcus PedersenDefender
  • 24
    Daniel BolocaMidfielder
  • 7
    Matheus HenriqueMidfielder
  • 42
    Kristian ThorstvedtMidfielder
  • 45
    Armand LaurienteAttacker
  • 9
    Andrea PinamontiAttacker
  • 20
    Samu CastillejoAttacker
قائمة البدلاء
  • 15
    Emil Konradsen CeideAttacker
  • 35
    Luca LipaniMidfielder
  • 8
    Samuele MulattieriAttacker
  • 21
    Mattia VitiDefender
  • 23
    Cristian VolpatoMidfielder
  • 28
    Alessio CragnoGoalkeeper
  • 5
    Martin ErlićDefender
  • 2
    Filippo MissoriDefender
  • 25
    Gianluca PegoloGoalkeeper
  • 6
    Uros RacicMidfielder

Match Events

  •  بطاقة صفراء
    90' بطاقة صفراء
    Ruan Tressoldi
  •  تبديل
    90' تبديل
    خروج: Emil Konradsen Ceide
  • تبديل
    دخول: Josh Doig
  •  تبديل
    88' تبديل
    خروج: Davide Bettella
  • تبديل
    دخول: Matteo Pessina
  •  تبديل
    87' تبديل
    خروج: Armando Izzo
  • تبديل
    دخول: Luca Caldirola
  •  تبديل
    78' تبديل
    خروج: Luca Lipani
  • تبديل
    دخول: Daniel Boloca
  •  تبديل
    77' تبديل
    خروج: Alessio Zerbin
  • تبديل
    دخول: Andrea Colpani
  •  تبديل
    72' تبديل
    خروج: Cristian Volpato
  • تبديل
    دخول: Kristian Thorstvedt
  •  بطاقة صفراء
    68' بطاقة صفراء
    Marcus Pedersen
  •  تبديل
    57' تبديل
    خروج: Milan Djuric
  • تبديل
    دخول: Valentín Carboni
  •  تبديل
    46' تبديل
    خروج: Samuele Mulattieri
  • تبديل
    دخول: Samu Castillejo
  •  تبديل
    46' تبديل
    خروج: Mattia Viti
  • تبديل
    دخول: Armand Lauriente
  •  تبديل
    46' تبديل
    خروج: Warren Bondo
  • تبديل
    دخول: Jean Akpa
  •  بطاقة صفراء
    43' بطاقة صفراء
    Matheus Henrique
  •  بطاقة صفراء
    42' بطاقة صفراء
    Jean Akpa
  •  هـــدف
    31' هـــدف
    Andrea Colpani
  •  تسديدة في العارضة
    29' تسديدة في العارضة
    Kristian Thorstvedt
  • تدخل تقنية الفار
    23'تدخل تقنية الفار
    Dany Mota


Monza vs Sassuolo match details

The Monza and Sassuolo match today on 2024-01-28 in Italy, Serie A via the Yalla Shoot website is one of the most exciting and anticipated matches in the world of football. It’s an opportunity to see the power of these two teams battle it out on the field and give a great performance to their fans. In this article, we will take an overview of the match date and details, in addition to valuable information about the two teams.

Monza vs Sassuolo 2024-01-28 match information

The Monza and Sassuolo match takes place at 16:00 Mecca time. It is one of the most prominent matches in the world of football. It brings together two powerful teams, Monza and Sassuolo, and always excites the fans. In this article, we’ll go into detail about this exciting match and take a look at its impact on the world of sports.

Match date

For decades, the Monza and Sassuolo yalla shoot teams have been competing in various sports competitions. This match is considered one of the most important confrontations between them. The history of the match extends over many years, and we have witnessed many wonderful moments and amazing goals.

The importance of the match

The Monza and Sassuolo match has great importance in the world of football. It is not just an ordinary match, but a struggle between two historical powers. Both teams always strive to win this match to prove that they are the best.

Match effect

A Monza vs Sassuolo match is known to have a huge impact on the fans and on the players themselves. Victory in this match gives the team the title of “King”, and this adds a challenge factor to the match.

Why should you watch the Monza vs Sassuolo match?

If you are a football fan, watching Monza vs Sassuolo match should be part of your sports schedule. It’s an opportunity to see the best players in the world competing on one field. The match can feature great moves and great goals, and this makes it incredibly exciting.

Preparations for the Monza and Sassuolo match

Before the match, the Monza and Sassuolo are making intense preparations. They train hard and try to develop new strategies to win. These preparations increase the enthusiasm of the fans and make the match more exciting.

Passion and excitement

The Monza vs Sassuolo match arouses passion and excitement among the fans. Seeing your team win this match gives you an incomparable feeling. It is not an ordinary match, but rather a historic battle.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Monza and Sassuolo match is one of the most prominent matches in the world of football. It sparks passion and excitement, and leaves a huge impact on audiences. So, don’t miss the chance to watch it.

Matche Card Monza Vs Sassuolo

CompetitionItaly, Serie A
Matche Date28-01-2024
Match Time16:00 Time
Channel NameAD Sports Premium 2