Details of the Lazio and Napoli match on 2024-01-28 in Italy, Serie A

94Ivan Provedel
77Adam Marusic
13Alessio Romagnoli
34Mario Gila
29Manuel Lazzari
10Luis Alberto
32Danilo Cataldi
8Matteo Guendouzi
7Felipe Anderson
19Taty Castellanos
18Gustav Isaksen
81Giacomo Raspadori
21Matteo Politano
20Piotr Zielinski
22Giovanni Di Lorenzo
4Diego Demme
68Stanislav Lobotka
6Mário Rui
55Leo Oestigaard
13Amir Rrahmani
5Juan Jesus
95Pierluigi Gollini
تشكيلة الفريق
  • 94
    Ivan ProvedelGoalkeeper
  • 77
    Adam MarusicDefender
  • 13
    Alessio RomagnoliDefender
  • 34
    Mario GilaDefender
  • 29
    Manuel LazzariDefender
  • 10
    Luis AlbertoMidfielder
  • 32
    Danilo CataldiMidfielder
  • 8
    Matteo GuendouziMidfielder
  • 7
    Felipe AndersonAttacker
  • 19
    Taty CastellanosAttacker
  • 18
    Gustav IsaksenAttacker
قائمة البدلاء
  • 3
    Luca PellegriniDefender
  • 9
  • 65
    Nicolo RovellaMidfielder
  • 5
    Matías VecinoMidfielder
  • 15
    Nicolò CasaleDefender
  • 23
    Elseid HysajDefender
  • 6
    Daichi KamadaMidfielder
  • 35
    Christos MandasGoalkeeper
  • 70
    Saná FernandesAttacker
  • 46
    Fabio RuggeriDefender
  • 33
    Luigi SepeGoalkeeper
تشكيلة الفريق
  • 95
    Pierluigi GolliniGoalkeeper
  • 5
    Juan JesusDefender
  • 13
    Amir RrahmaniDefender
  • 55
    Leo OestigaardDefender
  • 6
    Mário RuiDefender
  • 68
    Stanislav LobotkaMidfielder
  • 4
    Diego DemmeMidfielder
  • 22
    Giovanni Di LorenzoDefender
  • 20
    Piotr ZielinskiMidfielder
  • 21
    Matteo PolitanoAttacker
  • 81
    Giacomo RaspadoriAttacker
قائمة البدلاء
  • 32
    Leander DendonckerMidfielder
  • 70
    Gianluca GaetanoMidfielder
  • 29
    Jesper LindstromAttacker
  • 30
    Pasquale MazzocchiDefender
  • 26
    Cyril NgongeAttacker
  • 14
    Nikita ContiniGoalkeeper
  • 50
    Luigi D'AvinoDefender
  • 60
    Francesco GioielliMidfielder
  • 16
    Hubert IdasiakGoalkeeper

Match Events

  •  بطاقة صفراء
    90' بطاقة صفراء
    Leo Oestigaard
  •  تبديل
    84' تبديل
    خروج: Leander Dendoncker
  • تبديل
    دخول: Piotr Zielinski
  •  تبديل
    84' تبديل
    خروج: Jesper Lindstrom
  • تبديل
    دخول: Matteo Politano
  •  تبديل
    84' تبديل
    خروج: Pedro
  • تبديل
    دخول: Gustav Isaksen
  •  تبديل
    84' تبديل
    خروج: Nicolo Rovella
  • تبديل
    دخول: Danilo Cataldi
  •  بطاقة صفراء
    82' بطاقة صفراء
    Danilo Cataldi
  •  تبديل
    80' تبديل
    خروج: Pasquale Mazzocchi
  • تبديل
    دخول: Mário Rui
  •  تبديل
    79' تبديل
    خروج: Cyril Ngonge
  • تبديل
    دخول: Giacomo Raspadori
  •  تبديل
    77' تبديل
    خروج: Matías Vecino
  • تبديل
    دخول: Matteo Guendouzi
  •  تبديل
    71' تبديل
    خروج: Luca Pellegrini
  • تبديل
    دخول: Manuel Lazzari
  •  بطاقة صفراء
    69' بطاقة صفراء
    Mario Gila
  •  تبديل
    60' تبديل
    خروج: Gianluca Gaetano
  • تبديل
    دخول: Diego Demme
  •  بطاقة صفراء
    55' بطاقة صفراء
    Alessio Romagnoli
  •  بطاقة صفراء
    49' بطاقة صفراء
    Diego Demme


Lazio vs Napoli match details

The Lazio and Napoli match today on 2024-01-28 in Italy, Serie A via the Yalla Shoot website is one of the most exciting and anticipated matches in the world of football. It’s an opportunity to see the power of these two teams battle it out on the field and give a great performance to their fans. In this article, we will take an overview of the match date and details, in addition to valuable information about the two teams.

Lazio vs Napoli 2024-01-28 match information

The Lazio and Napoli match takes place at 19:00 Mecca time. It is one of the most prominent matches in the world of football. It brings together two powerful teams, Lazio and Napoli, and always excites the fans. In this article, we’ll go into detail about this exciting match and take a look at its impact on the world of sports.

Match date

For decades, the Lazio and Napoli yalla shoot teams have been competing in various sports competitions. This match is considered one of the most important confrontations between them. The history of the match extends over many years, and we have witnessed many wonderful moments and amazing goals.

The importance of the match

The Lazio and Napoli match has great importance in the world of football. It is not just an ordinary match, but a struggle between two historical powers. Both teams always strive to win this match to prove that they are the best.

Match effect

A Lazio vs Napoli match is known to have a huge impact on the fans and on the players themselves. Victory in this match gives the team the title of “King”, and this adds a challenge factor to the match.

Why should you watch the Lazio vs Napoli match?

If you are a football fan, watching Lazio vs Napoli match should be part of your sports schedule. It’s an opportunity to see the best players in the world competing on one field. The match can feature great moves and great goals, and this makes it incredibly exciting.

Preparations for the Lazio and Napoli match

Before the match, the Lazio and Napoli are making intense preparations. They train hard and try to develop new strategies to win. These preparations increase the enthusiasm of the fans and make the match more exciting.

Passion and excitement

The Lazio vs Napoli match arouses passion and excitement among the fans. Seeing your team win this match gives you an incomparable feeling. It is not an ordinary match, but rather a historic battle.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Lazio and Napoli match is one of the most prominent matches in the world of football. It sparks passion and excitement, and leaves a huge impact on audiences. So, don’t miss the chance to watch it.

Matche Card Lazio Vs Napoli

CompetitionItaly, Serie A
Matche Date28-01-2024
Match Time19:00 Time
Channel NameAD Sports Premium 1